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We merge imagination and technology to help brands grow in an age of digital transformation.

We are a team of creative individuals that loves to collaborate, learn and produce results.

Weberz Media develops and delivers enterprise IT solutions for organizations around the globe which provide world-class services in a variety of different fields. We aim to provide high-quality IT solutions and support services which makes our clients efficient enough to respond quickly and effectively to rapidly changing the business market. We enable our clients to use available IT resources in a way that they achieve better business performance. We deal with both private and public sector organizations from SME’s to large-scale ones.

Weberz Media has been founded with the tagline of “Your IT Business partners on the Web” and we have always tried to reflect this in the services that we provide to our clients. We believe that organizations come across number of problems in their day to day tasks and we love to hear all the problems from our clients. After understanding the requirements and thorough analysis, we transform our client’s imagination into a robust IT solution which is reliable and flexible.

We are a team of 35-40 people distributed at our 4 development centers who work hard and smart to produce effective, secure and user-friendly services. Our solutions are very straightforward to deploy at our client’s end that they never disrupt ongoing established procedures.


People at Weberz are known to be as the agile visionaries who believe that teamwork is a prime necessity in providing great services and empowers the “we” culture rather than “I”. We keep communication and transparency at the center of the table during any project and go through all required iterations to reach an end product.

Goal oriented

We set our team goals based on the outcomes and results of our past projects, rather than looking at the status of the work being done. This helps us setting a clear plan about how we are going to achieve those objectives as a group, as well as each individuals contribution. This has always helped us having a clear direction and aim to achieve something collectively.


Diversity is one of the key value that we hold here at Weberz. It helps us being more creative, more innovative and more productive in our work by bringing different skill sets from different regions under one roof thus making our talent pool large and wide. Having a diverse team has enabled us far more efficient in providing great customer service to our clients by mirroring the diversity of our customers we serve.

Our Skills & Expertise

From design and development to digital marketing, we also provide cloud-based solutions to all businesses and organisations. Whether it’s a simple task of developing a static website to deploying IaaS, SaaS or PaaS services, our team treats every project with equal dignity and respect.

With respect to our expertise, we are not limited to just producing a piece of software and deploy at client’s end. We strive for real customer satisfaction by solving problems that are being faced by our clients. The reason behind dedication towards our work is – ” We deal with problems as opportunities to learn something new”

We are aware of the importance of IT systems in business operations and having a trusted IT partner to look after those systems is essential which is where we jump in.

In addition to working on systems development projects, we also deal with mechanical engineering solutions which include projects related to AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CNC Programming, PRO/ENGINEER / Creo, CATIA. We have a dedicated team to work on this area and example of our work can be found in our portfolio.

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We keep it simple when managing projects.


Let's start with requirement analysis which includes stakeholders participation, market surveys leading to plan the project progression and conduct product feasibility study.


After requirement analysis, we approach towards defining and documenting the product requirements to get them approved from stakeholders.


Here we design prototypes for stakeholders to review the architecture of the product and approve the best design approach.

Development and Testing

The actual development happens here where developers are regulated under our strict coding guidelines. Being agile visionaries, we do testing as we go along the development to make sure the end product is technically and economically feasible before deployment.


Once the product is tested and ready, we visit our clients to finally deploy it with great cheers.

We believe in never ending our journey with you after deployment. We are always here for all your technical needs and further maintainence of your developed product at no extra cost.

Have a project in mind?

Or want to find out how we can help you reach your business objectives digitally, we would love to hear from you.