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Some of the Sectors we work with.
Weberz Media takes pride in honouring a corner shop client with the same respect and dignity as the owner of a multinational company.

Weberz Media offers tailored IT solutions for startups at affordable prices. Being a startup ourselves, we understand the financial crunch in early stages of business development. Our services for startups include:

Product Design and Development: Our experts will collaborate with you to understand your business objectives and your IT requirements. In your presence, we will plan the design and development phase of your chosen products and launch of your web presence. We will help you choose products that are necessary for business processes keeping in mind the idea of keeping costs down.

Digital MarketingWe understand that every brand grows with the help of trust that customers put in it. Our digital marketing experts will make strategies to make your brand grow and reach your targeted customers in an impressive way. We deal with generating leads to converting them into sales with a guarantee of providing money back.

Support and MaintenanceAll our services will come with 12 months of free upgrade and maintenance with extending up to lifetime free support.

Work with logistics companies whether a contractor or subcontractor involves complex management of accounting, invoicing, sales and purchase. The management of all minor to major tasks with pen and paper can become a big hassle.

Whether its the owner of one wagon or a full-fledged fleet, we help companies in implementing digital platforms to solve complex tasks and outperform their competitors using technology.

Some of our solutions are:

  • Automated accounting and invoicing applications.
  • GPS Tracking apps and devices.
  • Fleet Management solutions.
  • Employee Management solutions.

All our real-time services are provided through a secure cloud environment.

From the retail sector, we mean any business or organisation that sells goods through shops, stores, on the internet, etc to the public. For any country, the retail sector is one of the main contributors to its economy.

When it comes to serving customers over the internet, they expect great user experience and smooth digital interaction. Having a modern and reliable platform is what serves as a helping tool for any organisation in that situation to drive their business.

We can help in:

  • Designing and Developing a custom digital platform.
  • Building strategies to create brand awareness.
  • Generating leads and sales.
  • Making strategies to retain the gained value.
  • Always ON support and upgrades.

Travel, Tourism and leisure sector is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world. Defining tourism is not a simple matter, as it is a complex industry made up of many different businesses, the common theme being that they provide products and services to tourists.

We understand complexity in the workflow of the tourism and hospitality sector, which includes everything from generating services to concluding deals with customers.

We understand complexity in the workflow of the tourism and hospitality sector, which includes everything from generating services to concluding deals with customers.

We can help in:

  • Having you a bespoke digital platform to showcase all your services.
  • Helping you make strong digital strategies to generate leads and sales with the help of powerful digital marketing tools.
  • Providing 24 x 7 support to ensure all systems are up and running, securely and efficiently.

The modern healthcare sector is not imaginable without the use of information technology. With new challenges arising from rapidly changing society, digitalisation can help in producing great benefits for patients, carers, family members and health care professionals.

To make everything simplified for service users, digital systems can put everything in a streamlined platform to access medical data easily and efficiently. We have worked with various health care trusts in the implementation of digital systems and solving complex challenges.

We can help in:

  • Design and develop digital platforms to improve processes.
  • Providing custom made solutions from patients, carers and staff point of view.
  • Transforming the traditional approach of working and making everything digitally simple and efficient.
  • Making sure that confidential data is held according to data protection policies i.e GDPR in the UK.

All our support and solutions services related to health care are delivered according to government issued policies and guidelines.

The education sector is one of the rapidly transforming sectors on the globe. Universities, colleges are schools are always at the front to adopt advancements related to information technology because the roots of technology are laid from schools and early stages of one’s education.

We have worked with education institutions to provide customised virtual learning environments for students and teachers to improve education services.

We can help in:

  • Building digital systems to efficiently manage educational institutions.
  • Creating customised and easy to use systems for student engagement and providing a great learning environment.
  • In addition to providing software services, we also deal in providing IT equipment’s and onsite support services.

All our support and solutions services related to the education sector are delivered according to government issued policies and guidelines. We take care of OFSTED and relevant governing bodies while developing digital systems.

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